Ecological and economic sustainability are extremely important at NITTEL. Our focus is not only on the responsible stewardship of the environment, but also on the conservation and efficient use of economic resources.

NITTEL liners protect transportation and storage containers from becoming contaminated by their own contents, thus transforming disposable containers into reusable ones. In this way, NITTEL liners significantly reduce the generation of industrial waste. With NITTEL liners, the valuable resources required to manufacture transportation and storage containers are optimally conserved. Furthermore, NITTEL liners allow the residual contents of a container to be completely and efficiently emptied, thus avoiding unnecessary waste.

NITTEL liners significantly reduce the generation of industrial waste.

NITTEL is constantly striving to optimise the liner manufacturing process with regard to the types and quality of liner materials used. Through the use of new and improved materials, it has been possible to reduce the thickness of the liners while preserving their remaining physical and chemical properties. This has considerably lowered the CO2 emissions resulting from their production.

We continuously seek to implement cleaner production methods. Whenever technically possible, waste generated in the production process is collected and recycled.

New systems have enabled waste heat generated in manufacturing to be reused for heating purposes. These systems saved 51,000 m3 of natural gas and prevented over 100,000 kg of CO2 emissions per year. For our remaining heating needs at our manufacturing facility, NITTEL uses a system powered by wood pellets, a renewable resource.

With a view to social sustainability, NITTEL strives to provide a positive and comfortable workplace environment, with administrative offices that are modern, well lit and optimally equipped. On the manufacturing floor, an automated air ventilation and filtration system ensures consistently high air quality for an ideal indoor climate and optimal working conditions.

You can download our Sustainability Statement by visiting our download page.