Form Inliner™

NITTEL Form Inliners™ are the ideal solution for lining your drum or pail. The liners are available in a range of materials.

Form Inliner™

NITTEL Form Inliners™ fit each outer container like a second skin without any folds or pockets which make the liner ideal for use with mixers, pumps and follower plates, for example. Form Inliners™ have a contoured lip that fits over the rim of the container preventing leakage between the liner and the container wall. They are particularly suitable for adhesives, colours, cosmetics, silicone and food products.

Pails: 5 to 40 litres
Plastic drums: 30, 60, 120 and 150 litres
Steel drums: 50 to 225 litres

Lids available

LDPE, also anti static version
PP, also anti static version

Application Examples:
NITTEL Form Inliners™ - Ideal for products which are stirred or pumped out (e.g. paints, chemicals and cosmetics) and for use with follower plates.

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Product information sheet

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How to install a NITTEL Form Inliner™ into a steel drum
How to install a NITTEL Form-Inliner into a plastic drum