Form Inliner™ 2" Bottom Discharge

The 2" Bottom Outlet on the NITTEL Form Inliner™ fits through the opening at the base of the drum.

Form Inliner™ 2" Bottom Outlet

NITTEL Form Inliners™ are easily installed into an adapted 210 litre drum. The 2” bottom outlet on the Form Inliner™ fits through the opening at the base of the drum and once installed, a 2” outlet valve may easily be installed. Each Form Inliner™ fits the drum like a second skin without any folds or pockets. Form Inliners™ have a contoured lip that fold over the rim of the drum preventing leakage between the liner and the container wall.

Steel drums: 210 litres
Steel pails: 20 - 120 litres

Lids available

LDPE, also antistatic version
PP, also antistatic version
Food Grade

Application Examples:
NITTEL Form Inliners™ - Ideal for liquids and viscous liquids.

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How to install a NITTEL Form Inliner™ into a steel drum