Company History

1957 - NITTEL KG is founded by Eugenie and Joseph Nittel

Eugenie and Joseph Nittel founded NITTEL KG in Raunheim in 1957. With a handful of employees, a new production method for welding plastics was introduced which at the time had not yet existed in Europe. The showing of Mrs Nittel’s collection of handbags at the Leipzig Trade Fair was to prove a decisive event. The handbags were produced with a moulded seam and attracted the attention of an engineer at Bayer AG. He recognised the benefits of moulded seams for plastic bags. Up to this point they had only been welded straight and were thus more susceptible to splitting and did not allow residual filling product to be completely discharged.

1958 - The product range is expanded

In this period, strong economic development helped the company grow constantly. In 1962 their son Dr. W. F. Nittel joined the company’s management team. The product range, which originally only comprised of a polyethylene Round Bottom Liner for 200 litre steel drums, was constantly extended and the manufacturing programme continued to expand.

1969 - The first steps into export business

In 1969, through co-operation with sales representative Mr. Caspar Dick Godefroy in the Netherlands, the company made it's first venture into the export business. By 1985 exports already made up 20% of the total turnover. NITTEL had grown to a company with 92 employees and turnover of DM 8,000,000. In 1987 Cornelius Nittel, son of Dr. W. F. Nittel, joined the company.

1989 - Expansion of the production

Following German reunification in 1989, the company looked for a second manufacturing location in the former GDR. In 1991 a trustee purchase was successfully completed in Halle an der Saale. What was formerly VEB Germaplast became NITTEL Halle GmbH. This takeover saw the introduction of a second production method alongside the existing pulse welding technique, vacuum forming liners for drums and pails. NITTEL is still the only manufacturer in Germany which produces using both methods.

1997 - Establishment of European sites

In 1997, as a result of constant growth in exports, NITTEL UK Ltd. was founded and thus the first steps towards internationalisation were taken. NITTEL France SARL followed in France in the year 2000 and in 2003 NITTEL B.V. was founded in the Netherlands. By 2006 NITTEL was employing 120 people. Turnover volume stood at approximately € 13,000,000 with 57% generated by exports.

For the future we hope to maintain old friendships and gain new partners

2017 - 60 Years of NITTEL

In 2017 we'll celebrate of 60th Birthday. A lot has happened in 60 years and we can't wait to share the future with you.

2019 - Ringmetall Group

In 2019 Ringmetall Group acquired Nittel Halle GmbH and part ownership of Nittel UK, Nittel France and Nittel BV. More information about Ringmetall can be found on their website