Specially adapted inlet and outlet nozzles guarantee clean, dust free filling and discharge.

Nittel Cubiflex™ Liners

NITTEL Cubiflex™ liners are produced in a range of materials. The specially adapted inlet and outlet nozzles guarantee clean, dust-free filling and discharge.

FIBCs: By welding on a vertical 'collar', the NITTEL Cubiflex™ liner can be sewn into the FIBC.
Pallet cartons: A simple cardboard plate can be glued to the bottom of the NITTEL Cubiflex™ liner to make setting up simple.

Open at the top, closed bottom
Open at the top, with outlet nozzles
With inlet nozzle, closed bottom
With inlet and outlet nozzles

LDPE, also antistatic
HDPE, also antistatic
Polyamide and EVOH based coextrusion films
Aluminium foils

Application Examples:
Barr-O-Nit NITTEL Cubiflex™ liners: Ideal as a moisture and aroma barrier.
Barr-O-Nit CoEx NITTEL Cubiflex™ liners: Ideal for the food industry, e.g. for powdered milk

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