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Form-fitting flexible liners for the transportation and storage of your products.

Nittel UK is a leading supplier with a vast wealth of experience in developing and manufacturing custom made liners for all types of transportation and storage containers.

Our range of liners is aimed largely at companies in the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries, however, our customer base ranges across a very broad spectrum of industries. Nittel liners guarantee that your product is provided with the appropriate protection from environmental influences during transportation, and the containers are protected from contamination of the fill product.

Many companies on the domestic market and abroad already enjoy the benefits of Nittel liners, which render container cleaning unnecessary and thus save cleaning and logistics costs.

Nittel liners are suitable for many types of containers including pails, drums and IBC’s. Just part of our product range includes the following.

Drum Liners
Drum Lids
Pail Liners
Round Bottom Liners
IBC Liners
Barrier Foil Liners
Octabin Liners

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Beer Tank Liners Form Inliners Round Bottom Liners Octabin liners

  • Allows maximum product recovery

  • Simple to fit to maintain productivity levels

  • Protects valuable product from contamination

  • Makes single trip container genuinely multi-trip

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